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Boutique Wedding photography in Surrey

Boutique Wedding Photography | Alexander Leaman
Hi! I’m Carrie, the other (better) half of Alexander Leaman Photography! Officially, I’m the Production Manager – which basically means if it needs doing, I’m doing it…

I’m the one who you might never see, but I’m busying away, making sure things run smoothly and I’m focussed on you and what your story is and can be.

There’s so much to do with the photographic styling, the approach, and the editing and book layouts, and we work very closely together to make sure that your expectations are met – then we go that little bit further to give you that extra WOW!

I’m a mother, with three beautiful children in tow, and Jason and I have been married for nearly ten years. We loved our wedding, and we get how weddings work – the passing of time, the pinpoint punctuation in our lives. The bright supernova and the party. It’s a big story, it’s your story, and it’s so important to get your photography right. It’s the thing that we take seriously, and we’re always working to make what we do work for you, and fit with who you are, as a couple, today.

We’re pretty down to earth here. Pretty accessible. I’m all about keeping it simple (having three very young children has had a hand in pushing this philosophy!) and not pretentious, but totally in love with the poetry and drama in great wedding photography. It’s great to have two pairs of eyes to critically oversee projects, and we manage to push things forwards from both a male and female perspective.

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