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Surrey Wedding Photographer Alexander Leaman


I tell stories with photography and I make a carefully refined, simple, and powerful document of your wedding, your way, with your people.

I’m fascinated with the nostalgia of the family album, and the powerful emotional pull of the snapshots in time that can pin down our memories and experiences. Photographs tell us who we were, when we’re at our best and worst, and how far we’ve travelled. They are full of the people who made us and the places that we have come from. Powerful jolts back through time, captured for a moment. For me it’s primarily about the simplicity of great photography, and the best photography has the ability to capture a moment in time with a great emotional impact. It’s people that make a wedding amazing.

I work very hard to make sure that the best possible photographs are captured for you to treasure and keep for years to come. Everything is covered, every sequence rendered with technical skill, backed up with years of experience.

I’m very proud of my work, and the way I interact with you and your guests on the day. I’ll shoot with the latest digital cameras as well as some vintage film cameras too. The finish is important to me and I’m well known for my comprehensive service and beautiful albums. I’m into giving (paying it forward), and living life, and enjoying the journey. I’m also up for breaking some rules, doing it our way, and creating something new and exciting.

I will shoot your wedding personally, without an assistant, second shooter, or anything else unnecessary.

My approach to my photography and my business is a direct response to how I see the world and learn from the people I meet. It’s built with one Core value at it’s heart : “Simplify”

The booking process, the pricing structure, the artistic approach are all designed to be open and honest with the greatest integrity making your wedding photography the absolute best it can be. 

I live and work with my lovely wife, Carrie, and our twins, Martha and Rose, and their brother Ed.

For more, please see the “What We Do “ page, and please check in with the blog for regular updates. You can also check in with me on facebook and follow me on twitter. If you’d like to get in touch, check my availability, or just get some advice, please contact me here.