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I’m just uploading this one (amongst others) for John & Kelly, and I came across a sequence of pictures from their ceremony. I particularly LOVE this image. So intense and loving – these guys were just totally focussed on each other and really into it. I seem to be a regular Clandon Park Photographer, but it’s always amazing to me that when people are just themselves it’s like the venue disappears. It’s like it’s all new and it’s only ever been them. Love that…

One of the great things about Clandon Park is that it seems never ending. It’s perfect for photography in it’s architecture, but even though it’s such an imposing and grand building, there’s a real sense of intimacy and the personal. The marble hall can, I suppose, seem intimidating, but when it’s full of people chatting, catching up, and laughter, it can feel as familiar as your front room. The grounds and the space outside can give you room to sprawl, yet it’s extremely private. And the downstairs area can end up feeling like your very own secret club as the night draws in.

I’ve seen some magic at Clandon. Sometimes it’s been in the big open gardens, or in the elegance of the steps and entrances. Sometimes it’s been up close, intense, and personal. Every time it’s been about the people who choose to get married there. And that’s a big deal…

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