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Booking your photographer can feel a little intimidating for some people, but the process can be fun and elevate you towards feeling super comfortable on the day. I want  these early stages to be inspiring, helping you to feel confident enough to have a blast at your wedding. It really is the best day of your life, and I want to help you and guide you towards making the most out of it.

I want to capture the essence of your day and all the fun and excitement that comes with it. I like to engage with your guests, and weave in and out of the party seizing moments and blending in where I can. It’s also nice to stand back and watch the day bloom always with a keen eye on the party.

There’s a lot we can do to achieve the best results, and get you the most gorgeous photographs – modern, chic photography that shows off your wedding and tells your story. No stuffy poses, no barking orders at your guests. I want you to run off to your honeymoon knowing that your photographs are in good hands.

But before we get there we can get stuck in to your pre wedding ‘Together’ shoot – part engagement photography, part practice run for the main event. It’s a great way to get to know each other and will help you feel more confident in front of the camera, if that’s what you need. I love doing them and you get a nice set of pictures, and honestly a lot of the time people have said that it’s simply given them a chance to hold hands and say hi to each other amidst the every day push and pull of wedding planning/work/more planning/& sleeping!

Here are a few typical questions that people have asked, but do feel free to get in touch if I haven’t covered anything here

You can call me on 07738 413 599 or Send me an eMail


Yes – I’m based in Godalming, Surrey, which is just south of Guildford. I’m  in Surrey and a lot of my weddings are local but I’m in an ideal situation to get myself around most of the south of England. I don’t charge for travel up to 50 miles from where I live, and then any further than that is just a small fee for extra time and expenses. When I have to travel further I may need to stay over the night before, so hotel expenses are the thing.


Something that we’re very proud of here is how easy we’ve made it to get your wedding photography booked and sorted, leaving you to get on with everything else without having to worry about it. I’m like many of your wedding suppliers in the fact that I often get booked far in advance, especially for the summer months. I make sure I have at least two meetings with my clients before the wedding. It’s part of it, and a great way to cover some ground – talk about the details, and get to the style of photography you’re after, as well as putting a face to a name, too. A non refundable deposit of £200 secures the date and once you’re confirmed I’m all yours.


This is my favourite! Anyone with a good camera can now do Wedding Photography Surrey? There’s always lots of discussion about this especially now we live in a digital age where cameras and computers are getting better by the day. Megapixels are sold to us along with HD this and that, and suddenly everyone’s a photographer. When MySpace first came out it seemed like everybody was in a band, but as we all know, only the good bands are the ones that stay the distance. Don’t let it be your wedding that serves as a practice run for your aspiring photographer. All the clichés are true – it can’t be repeated, and you can’t go back and do it all again. The photographs are truly the one way of keeping your memories for years to come, and very often the only thing (apart from your new spouse, of course) that you’ll get to take home after the show. There are no second bests. Honestly, there are a few really good professional Wedding Photographers out there. We keep ourselves very busy because time and time again we get the results that discerning couples expect, and deserve. Technically it’s a very demanding environment to photograph in, and it’s not a time to chance it and hope for the best. An eye for detail, the immediate environment, the story, and timing all come together while the technical adjustments needed to adapt to any given lighting and physical conditions is a natural ability that doesn’t get in the way. And then, on top of all of that, you then give it the kick it needs with full on adaptable, confident, creativity! It’s a big deal! It’s a huge subject, and one which I rant on about in my blog often as well as in my Thoughts page – please check these links out for more.


I use whatever cameras are needed to get the job done! Digital cameras are changing all the time and I find that people get too hung up on which brand, how many mega-pixels, fixed lens/zoom lens, etc etc. The internet is full of passionate arguments on whether this brand is better than that brand and so on, and none of it matters to photographers! For the record I shoot Fujifilm cameras, alongside Nikon – I know my kit and I’m very comfortable with it. More importantly, I have a full bag of backup equipment ensuring that nothing is missed if things go awry.


This is the question I get asked the most. It’s not as complicated as some would have you believe. Simply put you get all of your wedding photographs in full resolution, ready to print. There’s no digital watermark and you have the freedom to carry on reproducing pictures.


Alexander Leaman photography is a limited company and I’m a recommended photographer for some of Surrey’s finest Wedding Venues. I couldn’t exist as a professional photographer without all of the correct public liability and Professional Indemnity insurances. I also make sure that I insure the safety of your images with an elaborate backup routine with on site, off site, and cloud backups of everything.


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