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Surrey Wedding Photographer Portfolio

I’m glad you’re here. This is where I get to show off my style and hopefully inspire you along the way. Wedding Photography is very subjective and I know how difficult it is to get past the marketing speak and all of the definitions and buzz words relating to what your photography can be, should be, and has to be. It’s exhausting!

If it helps, I think that defining my photography as reportage wedding photography, journalistic, classic, or modern, yada yada yadda is just introducing another layer for you to get through on your way to your decision. I’d love to say I’m a Reportage Wedding Photographer so you can choose me to shoot your wedding in a reportage style, but the reality is that your wedding needs more than a single minded approach to get you the best photographs that you can to represent your day. Simply put, your wedding photography can be so much more than it would be if you boxed it in with all the constraints that come with these definitions; vintage, rock and roll, reportage, journalistic or anything else. It can be a mixture of all kinds of styles when unrestricted.

I want to be clear here – I want to photograph your wedding. I want to photograph you as the people you are, working around you and your plans and not a pre-defined trend. It’s true, I favour the more naturalistic and authentic look, but that really comes from being able to see you as you, and not just as a client. It’s about who you are in time and place, and that often means not goofing around (unless, of course, you are the goofing around sort) and for a moment grounding yourselves in your world and in your story. I want to capture your wedding to the core of your personality.

I shoot a lot of weddings so here are some examples. As this gallery grows, you should be able to pick up on my style, and you may even see your venue here. You might get some ideas of how you’d like to be photographed, or you might get some ideas of more fundamental things like what you can do in the rain, or what flowers you want to go for.

The galleries are being re-designed to make it easier to find what you’re looking for -reduced and split into sections, venues, and almost categorised so you don’t have to look at a million pictures if you don’t want to.

Again, thank you for taking the time to visit, and please get in touch if you want to get stuck in to your own wedding adventure.

















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