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YogaRoom in Bournemouth is one of my favourite places. If you’re located in that part of the world, and you’re into Yoga, the community, and general all round loveliness, you probably already know about this amazing studio. It’s got to be the best example of a welcoming, all inclusive, non corporate place to practice that I’ve come across – a diverse range of excellent qualified teachers and a creative schedule of classes. It sounds cheesy, but there really is something for everyone there – pop down and have a look.

For me, I’ve know the people who run YogaRoom since we can remember, and I’ve been lucky to see them create and build something that has been a direct inspiration. It’s amazing to learn from friends, and grow through the changes.

I’ve also had the privilege of photographing the YogaRoom teachers at a time when things were really coming together, and it’s an ongoing project I hope to re-visit over time. There’s a lot to do here, and I’m looking for an angle, to try to get to the core of both individual portraits and a universal message. And as I develop my own practice I also get closer to realising what I want this to be and where I want this to go, but for now, I’m letting the images talk, moving into stillness.

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